Don’t Blame Anyone


November 16, 2016 | 8:00 PM Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre
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  • Reserved seating: $18
  • University of Rochester ID holders: $10
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The elusive encounter between imagination and creativity, the terror experienced before the blank page, the battle against the demons of Reason, and the unpredictable visit of the muses are the forces that ignite this evening-long multimedia “opera” that combines original music, physical theater, and puppetry.


Through a series of choreographed, interconnected scenes, an author/poet/composer faces the specter of the blank page. Each symbolic vignette explores the birth, growth, and death of an “idea”, often ending catastrophically: the author falls into the abyss of the blank page; attempts to put on an impossibly large sweater while perilously climbing a ladder; is devoured by the monster of creative reason; is born out of the monster as a child castrated by self-doubt and censorship. The author is reduced to dust and dies but, all along, the “idea” he has been seeking reveals itself through the imaginative circle that unfurls onstage.  We witness the creative product through a process where inspiration is shown as a fundamental human action.

The work of two noted Mexican artists, illustrator/cartoonist José Ignacio Solórzano (“JIS“) and aphoristic poet Raúl Aceves provides the visual and narrative basis of the work.

Formed by composers Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon and Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez, the Eastman BroadBand is a flexible group whose aim is to explore the many facets of contemporary music-making. The BroadBand’s performances offer equal doses of rigor, precision, artistry, uncompromising furor and joy.

PUSH Physical Theatre, known for their intense athleticism, gravity-defying acrobatics, soulful artistry and physical storytelling, express what it means to be human: the joy and sorrow, humor and tragedy, the big questions and the simple things.

La Coperacha is one of México longest-standing puppet companies, with over 35 years of uninterrupted work, often presented on location to underprivileged communities.

The commission and production of Don’t Blame Anyone are funded primarily by the Mexican Ministry of Culture, with funds provided by the Mexican Chamber of Deputies (Congress), with additional funding (towards the Mexico premiere and subsequent performances) by the University of Guadalajara.